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Alcohol and Sex – How does Alcohol affect Sex Drive?

Alcohol and sex

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Alcohol and Sex – How does Alcohol affect Sex Drive?

Alcohol and Sex – How does Alcohol affect Sex Drive?

Do alcohol and sex go hand in hand? Well, for two, my grandmother said … A high-percentage drink can be an irreplaceable aphrodisiac, but it can also make sexual intercourse unsatisfactory or even impossible to have. The problem lies in the amount of alcohol drunk before sexual intercourse – a small dose can sometimes increase the sensation, but a larger dose is fatal.

Sex and alcohol – for many there is no more pleasant connection. Alcohol relaxes, relaxes and makes us find more courage, which is why we often reach for a glass of wine before sexual intercourse. But on the other hand, most men with alcohol dependence admit that they have erection problems. On the other hand, addicted women lose the ability to experience orgasm , and they rarely even try to achieve it – usually they are not interested in sex, their libido decreases.

Although the example of alcoholics is extreme in this case, even those who generally do not have an alcohol problem, are not necessarily as satisfied with sex as they would like after using the “booster” in a little too much. Why?

The influence of alcohol on the perception of stimuli

Alcohol affects the central nervous system in an inhibitory way. It causes indifference (alcohol is used by some people in whose life something dramatic has happened to “desensitize” themselves) to information and stimuli coming from outside, including sexual ones. After a few drinks, for both a woman and a man, the touch of the other person is no longer as exciting, it may become imperceptible or muffled. The feeling of pleasure is very limited.

Experimental studies of men agree that a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% to 0.10% (0.5-1 per mille) pharmacologically delays sexual arousal. When it rises above 0.10%, the erection and ejaculation capacity is weakened or eliminated. This applies to both non-addicted men and alcoholics.

For men, drinking alcohol can have the consequences of not being aroused, getting an erection and then maintaining an erection . The second important issue is the fact that testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible, among others, for sex drive and potency, it is metabolized in the liver, and yet ethyl alcohol in larger amounts damages this organ. As a result of this process, the concentration of testosterone in the blood decreases and libido decreases.

In addition, alcohol worsens the heart’s work and negatively affects the oxygenation of the body, which reduces the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Together, it impairs the processes of erection and ejaculation . Less blood flows to the penis , it is not stiff enough and it sinks quickly.

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