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Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! Final Showdown in the USA

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden


Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! Final Showdown in the USA

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! Final Showdown in the USA

America is entering the acute phase of the presidential struggle. On November 3, elections will be held there in a very characteristic epidemiological situation and economic crisis. The United States is constantly plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, which has been traumatized by society. There was also a deep economic crisis and rising unemployment. In such a reality, Donald Trump will fight for re-election. His opponent is Joe Biden, the 78-year-old former vice president under Barak Obama. The Democratic Party has officially announced him as its candidate.

What is known about Joe Biden. If he wins, he will be the oldest president of the USA and it is clear from the start that he will not be re-elected. He is an experienced senator who is valued by the local political elite for his knowledge of foreign policy. He is also seen as a master of mishaps. He has an unusual talent for making blunders. It is said that the Democrats would do best to hide the candidate away from the media. Joe Lockhart, the former White House spokesman under Bill Clinton, publicly advises the Democratic Party candidate not to agree to a debate with Donald Trump. Until recently, Joe Biden openly admitted his Catholicism. He is also a Knight of Columbus who are fighting legal abortion, he appeared in a photo with Pope Francis. Now, however, it veers left sharply.

It is known that the presidential election will not be dominated by racial issues, crusade against the police or fighting in the streets. The fight against the coronavirus and jobs will be the highlight of the campaign. Donald Trump introduces himself as the guarantor of “law and order”, but he must convince voters that despite the mistakes made by the United States during the pandemic, he can deal with the virus, put the economy on the right track and bring peace to the streets.

If Joe Biden wins, the US foreign policy will change a lot. Germany, France, China and Iran are counting on this course of events. US diplomacy will then become more politically correct. Great Britain wishes Trump to win, as it has now developed an excellent relationship with the United States. Poland is also restless, and it is friendly with the current president. It’s better for us when America is ruled by Republicans. 30 years ago, the republican president George Bush senior led to the restructuring of Polish debt by the Paris Club, which was beneficial for Poland. But Poland entered NATO under the rule of Bill Clinton, and the plans to build an anti-missile shield, although viewed in different ways, were supported by both the Republican George W. Bush and the Democrat Barak Obama.

Now, in the event of Joe Biden’s victory, it can be expected that the decision to stop the process of withdrawing American troops from Germany will be withheld. However, the withdrawal of the American troops already present from us is unlikely. They will be as long as America benefits from it.

In the past, Joe Biden was one of the leaders in the ratification of the NATO Enlargement Act to include Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. At that time, he wrote a report that was very favorable to us, which was to convince the Democratic Party of this. He was a supporter of the US presence in various regions of the world. In 2002. he voted for the invasion of Iraq, and in the 1990s he played an important role in persuading Bill Clinton to intervene militarily in Bosnia and Kosovo. When Barak Obama announced his resignation from the construction of the shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, Joe Biden came to Poland with a proposal to offer a new shield.

Currently, the Democratic Party is becoming more and more a left-wing party. Although Biden defeated the declared socialist Bernie Sanders, the left-wing black Kamala Harris was elected vice president. In the primary elections, she attacked Biden from left-wing positions. She accused him of collaborating with white segregationists from the South in the 1970s and blamed him for being a Catholic and a Knight of Columbus. She supported the law that all federally funded institutions: universities, sports clubs, and homeless centers respect the right of men to identify as women. Biden and Harris declare that in the event of victory, they will implement new legislation. Joe Biden is already saying that transgender or non-binary people should be allowed to mark “other gender” in their documents.

Everything indicates that if the Democratic Party candidate wins, America will soar towards the LGBT revolution and, due to its leftist beliefs, will become a world leader on this ground.

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