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Five tips to Improve Hair Care from Home

Improve Hair Care from Home

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Five tips to Improve Hair Care from Home

Add to your hair routine: simple recommendations from a specialist, to obtain strong, resistant and healthy hair

Staying at home for several days is a very good excuse to take care of your hair. Although it is true, these days our hair does not have direct exposure to environmental pollution as we usually are, to pollution and UV rays, it is always necessary to adopt habits that help provide proper care, especially now that the time is in our favor. That is why, in the following note, Yanet Rabanal, Konzil hair technician, gives you 5 basic tips to include in your hair care routine:

1. Take care of your hair and scalp . It is important that you treat both your hair and scalp gently when grooming. To achieve this, you will have to use your fingertips and make smooth movements on the scalp, this technique also helps blood circulation. Remove excess water by pressing with your hand without twisting the hair, and then when drying, gently apply light pressure with the towel to the ends.

2. Use the right shampoo. Remember that there is nothing better than finding a shampoo that suits the needs of your hair. To do this, you should look at the benefits of the product you choose. We currently have products on the market with natural ingredients that have Vita 12 complex, 12 nutritious ingredients. As well as collagen, liquid silk, biotin, argan oil and almond oil that provide deep repair, softness and shine; growth and strength, and nutrition and hydration.

3. Complement your routine with conditioner. Make a good care routine including complementary products that reinforce the qualities of the shampoo you are using. It is important that you know that treatments, masks and styling creams are the most recommended products for hair care. However, the conditioner is the essential complement, always remove excess water and apply it from ends to medium, do not forget that its use provides greater elasticity, shine and moisture throughout the hair fiber and up to four times more detangling for smooth hair and strong.

4. Proper application of treatments or masks. Although for our hectic lifestyle there are products that offer Express Results in just 1 or 3 minutes, take advantage of this time at home to let it act for 15 to 20 minutes, and thus optimize its effect. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can repeat the application: if it is healthy 2 to 3 times a month, if your hair is dry 3 to 4 times and if your scalp is mixed or oily, apply it depending on the need of the hair . Always remember to remove excess water and use the product from medium ends. The day you use the treatment or mask, you don’t need to use conditioner.

5. Take care of your diet. Keep in mind that hair care is related to a correct diet. Therefore, it is vital that you cut back on fat and start consuming citrus foods rich in vitamin C, nuts, whole grains, and drinking plenty of water.

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