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Meme gravediggers send this Message to Doctors

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Meme gravediggers send this Message to Doctors

Meme gravediggers send this Message to Doctors

“But remember: stay home or dance with us,” they told the others.

One of the phenomena that the Internet has witnessed during these weeks of quarantine has been the meme of Ghanaian entertainers who attend funeral ceremonies as part of an African tradition.

After becoming an internet boom, artists have seen their popularity increase worldwide. That is why they took advantage of their platform to send a message to all the health professionals who are caring for people during this COVID-19 pandemic .


“Hello everyone. We want to thank all the doctors in the world. [Applause] You are working hard and taking care of everyone. But remember: stay home or dance with us,” said the leader of the group dressed in white in a video. together with his companions.


The popularity of Ghanaian memes has caused public institutions in several South American countries to use it as part of their prevention campaigns against COVID-19.

The Municipal Police of Quibdó, in Colombia, decided to emulate this meme to send a message of conscience to the citizens so that they stay at home.

In videos that also went viral, four volunteers can now be seen walking the streets of the city with a coffin on their shoulders while dancing to the rhythm of the music as famous African dancers do while they send messages to the population to prevent the coronavirus.

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