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Oldest woman in Spain (113) survives coronavirus: “Feel good, apart from a few ailments”

Oldest woman in Spain (113) survives coronavirus


Oldest woman in Spain (113) survives coronavirus: “Feel good, apart from a few ailments”

Oldest woman in Spain (113) survives coronavirus: “Feel good, apart from a few ailments”

In Spain, a 113-year-old woman has been declared cured of the disease COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus. María Branyas is not just any woman, she is the oldest woman in Spain. And now also the oldest cured corona patient in Spain and possibly worldwide.

That the new coronavirus and the disease caused by the virus COVID-19 are sometimes unpredictable has been proven once again. The disease is mainly fatal to older people, but a 113-year-old Spanish woman has recovered from an infection. María Branyas is also considered the oldest woman in Spain.

Now she is also the oldest Spaniard to survive COVID-19. And possibly the oldest cured corona patient in the world. Centuries ago had already been declared healed in other countries, such as in the United Kingdom and also in our country. But María Branyas may be the oldest of all at 113. (The text continues under the tweet.)

Mild symptoms

Branyas has been living in a retirement home in Olot, in Catalonia, for 20 years. Several other residents have already died of the disease there. Branyas herself contracted the disease last month, but with mild symptoms. “María only suffered from a urinary tract infection and some fever,” explained the communication manager of the retirement home. “Afterwards, her corona test turned out to be positive.”

Branyas stayed in her room all the while she was infected. Only a well-protected employee of the home was allowed to enter the room. However, that isolation did not differ much from her normal life in recent years, but the woman did feel “bored and anxious,” her daughter Rosa told Spanish newspaper El País . The last day she’d seen her family was March 4, her 113th birthday. Since then there was only telephone contact. Meanwhile, Branyas is back in good health and tested negative for the virus last week. “I feel good, although I do have some ailments that everyone can have,” she told El País in an interview.


María Branyas was born in 1907 in San Francisco, United States, where her father was working at the time. After living in San Francisco and New Orleans, she returned to Spain by ship in 1915, where she lived in several places in Catalonia. During that sea voyage, her father died of tuberculosis (TB). His body was thrown into the sea.

For the past 113 years, she survived the Spanish flu, the First World War and the Spanish Civil War. She says she owes her old age to a lot of happiness with her health. According to her daughter, Branyas’ mental health is still pretty good today, but she doesn’t see and hear very well anymore.

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