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TRUMP: COVID-19 Vaccine In One Month!

COVID-19 Vaccine In One Month!


TRUMP: COVID-19 Vaccine In One Month!

TRUMP: COVID-19 Vaccine In One Month!

US President Donald Trump announced that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be developed in just a month – this exceeds even the most optimistic forecasts given by him earlier. The White House host also said the pandemic could reportedly go away on its own, even without a vaccine.

“We are very close to developing a vaccine. We only have a few weeks left – maybe three or four weeks, ”Trump said in a meeting with voters in Pennsylvania.

Admittedly, hours before the meeting, Trump told Fox News that a vaccine could be developed in “four, maybe eight weeks.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are concerned that Trump is putting pressure on government health regulators and academics to approve the vaccine for the US presidential election on November 3.

Experts, including U.S. government infectologist Anthony Fauci, say vaccines can be expected later this year, not October.

Donald Trump when asked why he decided to downplay the pandemic that killed nearly 200,000 Americans, he replied, that he did not underestimate the threat, on the contrary, he placed it in the center of public attention “with his actions.”

Earlier in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward (published in his book “Rage”), Trump said he deliberately chose to “downplay the threat” so as not to scare Americans.

The US president also repeated that the pandemic “will just pass.”

“It will pass without the vaccine, but with the vaccine it will go away much faster,” said Trump.

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